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Blogmas Day 1

Christmas Gift Ideas For Her

Hey there! 
I realise that it is actually day 6 of December and I’m just starting Blogmas, but better late than never! But, I didn’t know that Blogmas even existed?! I know about vlogmas and it’s a really cool idea, so I thought I’d try it on my Blog. 
Also, just in case you need a vlogmas recommendation, go and watch ThatcherJoe’s videos! I love them so much!

Anyway, here is what I at least would love to receive for Christmas!

  1. Candles. Candles are amazing things that come in infinite colours and fragrances and even some that make an extra crackling sound. You have so many options, you’re sure to find something for everyone! Also, small tip, the citrus, and ocean scented ones are the best.
  2. Jewelry. Now, this is not for everybody. But, you get very different kinds of jewelry. Of course, silver/gold, small and elegant is always a nice idea and can be worn pretty much everywhere. Then you get the big and colourful jewelry with big beads and so much more!  Leather jewelry is also a thing. (I feel like I’m trying to sell you stuff… whoops)
  3. Typo. So Typo is not a thing you can buy (which you should know), but they sell the best stuff. They have many different designs of these:
    1. Phone cases. Always a good decision.
    2. Notebooks are always great and practical. Plus, Typo has so so many amazing designs that seem to change every time I go to look. You can hardly drag me away from the tables. 
    3. If your person has ever read Harry Potter, some sort of merch is ALWAYS a good idea. Whatever it is, go for it.
    4. Mugs. Again, the whole style/colour/design thing applies here again. But you can never have enough and that’s a fact.
    5. Cute pillows. What more can I say?
  4. Books. Books. And more books. 
  5. This is an open one; think of what they like best and find some sort of object that has to do with that thing. Go crazy. Search the internet. (Etsy shops are also great to browse.)

So this is my list of things I, and probably some other people, would very much like as gifts. I hope this is helpful and also that I may be able to keep up with Blogmas. But, I’m going away tomorrow, so it probably won’t happen. But one can hope right?

JustMeJuls xx

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Made My Day: Rectangles

Today, in maths, my friend asked in German “what is a rectangle“?

So I told her, its a rectangle. And she still had no clue.

Funniest thing today!!

JustMeJuls xx

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Kingdom of Ash


There is so much fangirling going on right now, I don’t think you can even imagine it. UNLESS you are holding a copy of Kingdom of freaking Ash in your hands!!

Like I am!! I repeat, I have the goods! I am so grateful to my wonderful book-soulmate who got me a copy! You may be thinking, “but Juls, KoA has been out for a week, why is it so amazing that you have bought it?”

Well dear reader, it is a miracle that stores in South Africa have KoA. Usually we wait 2-3 months after a new release to see copies on shelves!

Also, KoA is freaking gorgeous! I mean look at that cover (also it has 982 heartbreaking pages).

But I have it and I’ve given up on my education and I’m fully convinced this book will break me!

Fun times!

So if I never post again it is because KoA has successfully killed me!

So, what book release have you been looking forward to?

JustMeJuls xx

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Made My Day: Reading


Today I found out something about a guy in my class who I’m not really close to. And it was amazing!

We were supposed to be working in groups and my book-soulmate, Olivia, and I were raving and fangirling over a book that had just been released, (*cough cough* Kingdom of Ash). And this guy (let’s call him Chip) said the only books he read were by this one author.

Now, usually dramatic me would become offended by the fact that he only read one authors books, but it was Rick Riordan, one of my alltime favs!

So there I go thinking about how he read PJO and MAYBE HOO. But no! He has read those, and the Magnus Chase trilogy and has started Trials of Apollo! This had me so shocked!! Not only has he read them but he also has indepth opinions about the events and the characters. Also, he knows what Beatrice is! *shook*

Today I discovered something totally new and I’m still shocked!!

What made your day today?

JustMeJuls xx

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I’ve decided I’m not going to do a wrap up for September because I literally read one book. One. That’s all.

So instead, here are all the books I’m currently in the middle of.

Northanger Abbey31255813_365720010600100_4100152913802821632_n(1)

I started this Jane Austen novel quite a while back, so long ago that I can’t really remember what is happening. But I am determined not to give up. So it’s still sitting there, mocking me.

The Lying Game

At least, I think that’s what it’s called. I read the first chapter of this and didn’t really like it. So I doubt I’m ever going to continue with it. I also didn’t connect with the writing, so I’m probably going to give it away soon.

A Darker Shade of Magic40193652_681387308911490_3547194107509420149_n

I’ve only started this one, and I’m not very far. But the writing is so beautiful, I really like it. I’m also intrigued by the premise of the Londons. I think I’m going to enjoy this one!

Eleanor and Park

This is a well known Rainbow Rowell book that I have heard so much about, and I have to say that I like it, but I’m not obsessed with it as some people seem to be. I’m not totally in love with the characters, but it’s thoroughly enjoyable. Good as a summer read and perfect for the holidays. We’ll see how it pans out.

Heir of Fire40612912_705593306443596_3592410429164800403_n

This is a reread for me, and I think I’m going to go on and reread the whole series! A lot of people dislike this book and find it boring, but I definitely don’t. There are so many fights and sass. That’s what I’m here for! Loving it!


So I’m currently in the middle of 5 books, which is probably why I only read ONE book last month. I keep starting new ones, and I really feel like rereading my whole bookshelf. But there are so many great new books coming out this month and so many books I haven’t read which have been on my tbr for ages. So…

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this post! Tell me what book/s you’re currently reading and if you’re enjoying them!

JustMeJuls xx

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Books I Read in August


I am well aware of the fact that it is almost the end of September and this is very late! But here goes! (also, PS, I’m not sure I’ll do a wrap up for September because I haven’t been reading much because of exams…)

  1. Saphirblau – This is a book I read in German (surprise surprise) and I actually liked it! Usually, books in German bore me and everything feels so flat! Which goes to show how much I loved this book! It’s the sequel to Rubinrot, which I read a couple of months back. I love the idea and the characters and mostly it made me want to scream in frustration! So amazing!
  2. Smaragdgrün – The third book in the trilogy and what a way to end! To be honest, I can’t really separate the storyline between the three books, but I do remember the HUGE reveal in this one! I did not see it coming! I was dead set on it being someone else! Loved it. Oh, and in case you didn’t know, these books are all available in English as well (so go and read them)!
  3. The Darkest Minds – I have heard so much about this series and with the movie coming out I thought it was time to read it. Who knows, maybe I’ll like it?! Boy, was I wrong! I absolutely freaking loved it! I got emotionally attached to it, them, Ruby, Liam. All of them!! I need the next ones!! This is such a cool idea and might even become one of my favourite series! That ending broke me, though… I still don’t know why that was necessary.
  4. Blue Lily Lily Blue – I have no cooking clue what happened in this one… All I know is that I loved it, and the whole series. I have a vague inclination, but the plot from all four books just melts and I can’t tell where one ends and another begins. Also the deaths… why oh why??
  5. Renegades – My new favourite. My friend and I actually picked this one up at the same time without knowing! It was great to read it together! What I loved is that it is told from the “badies” and not the “goodies” point of view. And yes, at some points I did want to throw the book across the room but at the same time I was addicted and could not let go. I recommend reading just before the sequel come out, otherwise, chronic thinking may occur!!!!

That’s all I read in August, as I had school again and it sucks the life out of me. Also, what’s interesting is that I didn’t reread a single book this month. I am usually an avid rereader because I love the nostalgia.

I always think I should dedicate a month just for rereads, but there are so many great books coming out in the next few months and I want to read them! So maybe not…

Anyway, I hope you had a great reading month in August! Please tell me the best book you read in the last month! Looking for recommendations!

JustMeJuls xx