Happy New Year

Happy New Year, people! I can hardly believe it’s already 2018!

I hope you had an amazing time celebrating. We had a huge dinner and went to watch a fireworks display. I don’t know if all fireworks are like this, but the ones we were watching were incredibly loud! I could almost feel the sound, if that makes sense.

Since it’s the start of the new year, it’s time to make new years resolutions. I read somewhere, that you sould only make three new years resolutions, because it gives you a higher chance of achieving them, instead of making 50 and only keeping one.

I don’t usually make any new years resolutions, because I think that I shouldn’t need the new year to start something I want to improve on. But I don’t think that new years resolutions are bad, I think that the new year is a great motivator!

What I want to improve on this year is:

  • Getting my work done more efficiently
  • Getting fit
  • Stop watching excessive amounts of Netflix

I hope you have a wonderful start into the new year and set yourself some realistic goals!

JustMeJuls xxx


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