School essay

This is a blog entry I have to do for school describing Capulet’s party from Romeo and Juliet and I would really like some feedback! Also I just feel like posting it, so here goes:

How could you miss it?

The party of the year took place on Sunday and I pity you, if you were not invited. For it was splendid. The hall was decorated fabulously and light danced on every surface. The fires were all lit and on every wall at least half a dozen torches provided a healthy glow (even though we all know that yours truly does not need firelight for such beauty). Capulet really outdid himself with this party.

The breath-taking evening commenced with a humorous speech from the host, Capulet himself, which sent me into even higher spirits. But this was only the beginning! I dare not try to describe the dresses and costumes which were present. And yet I must, because how could I leave you in the dark? The colours were gorgeous; hues of lilac and aquamarine all tones belonging in a sunset! The designs were to die for! Mostly the newest designs, (and those who wore last year’s style, where is your dignity?) and even a never before seen Daphne Dorelli design which everyone is talking about.

The hall was filled with lace and velvet and silk and any other fabrics you can imagine, I’m sure they were present. The masks added a sense of mystery, because I certainly could not tell one charming gentleman apart from the next; they were all the politest specimens I have ever met. Though the dancing was definitely the highlight of this evening, and maybe even the year, there was one couple which took my breath away. The lady, the daughter of the host, was by far the prettiest lady at the party, and the gentleman an extremely handsome man I did not recognise. They were only together for a few moments but I am sure I saw Cupid’s arrows pierce them.

If this party was paradise, then there was no trouble except in the late hours of the night when there was talk of a Montague having been amongst us. I am convinced that this is a rumour for there were many drinks and no Montague would have been that reckless.

As for the mystery couple, I will do a bit of digging and see if I can discover what kind of love affair is happening.

As always, keep sparkling!

JustMeJuls xxx

I hope you liked it! If you have any suggestions, please leave a comment!

JustMeJuls xxx

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