Made My Day: Reading


Today I found out something about a guy in my class who I’m not really close to. And it was amazing!

We were supposed to be working in groups and my book-soulmate, Olivia, and I were raving and fangirling over a book that had just been released, (*cough cough* Kingdom of Ash). And this guy (let’s call him Chip) said the only books he read were by this one author.

Now, usually dramatic me would become offended by the fact that he only read one authors books, but it was Rick Riordan, one of my alltime favs!

So there I go thinking about how he read PJO and MAYBE HOO. But no! He has read those, and the Magnus Chase trilogy and has started Trials of Apollo! This had me so shocked!! Not only has he read them but he also has indepth opinions about the events and the characters. Also, he knows what Beatrice is! *shook*

Today I discovered something totally new and I’m still shocked!!

What made your day today?

JustMeJuls xx

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