My Summer Playlist


I’ve decided to compile a list of my current favourite songs, which are both oldies and newer works. I don’t really know what genre I’m officially into, but only which songs I can jam to.

Hall of Fame always gets me in the mood and motivated!

Recently I’ve been listening to quite a lot from Bastille, so here are my favourites.

Quarter Past Midnight – Bastille 
Pompeii – Bastille
World Gone Mad – Bastille
Good Grief – Bastille
Four Walls (The Ballad Of Perry Smith) – Bastille
Things We Lost In The Fire – Bastille

Really love this one!

I’ve also got into Fall Out Boy:

My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light Em Up) – Fall Out Boy
Centuries – Fall Out Boy
The Last Of The Real Ones – Fall Out Boy
Wilson (Expensive Mistakes) – Fall Out Boy
Young And Menace – Fall Out Boy

I like this because of Joe Sugg’s dance in Strictly Come Dancing
This my all time happiness song. I know it from Pretty Little Liars, but I can always count on it!

And, lastly, here are some more random songs I like!

Legendary – Welshly Arms
Monsters – Ruelle
Alive – Sia
Smoke And Mirrors – Imagine Dragons
Haunted – From ‘Secret In Their Eyes’ Soundtrack – Maty Noyes

So, these were my favourite songs I listened to in 2018. In your opinion, what songs should be on this list, and what am I missing out on?

Now that 2019 is drawing closer, I am in DESPERATE need of music suggestions! All genres are welcome, just recommend away, please! I’m begging you.

Looking forward to new music,
JustMeJuls xx

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