First Week of School: Survival Pack

Hey there!

I have done it! I have survived the first week of Grade 11. And at my school, Grade 11 also counts towards marks to get into university. But no pressure, hey?

Anyway, I have gone through 11 years of this and have accumulated some survival tips I think might help you in the future. Or might not, in that case, tell me some of your tricks in the comments!

Get yourself some cute stationery!

Look at the cute highlighters!!

I cannot explain to you how much cute stationery motivates me. Cute doesn’t have to be pink and sparkly or with pictures of doughnuts and unicorns. For me, “cute” stationery is new stationery. So, over the holidays I will make sure I have everything I need. I will recover my eraser and empty out my binders and files and whatnot. All this empty, great-smelling stuff just motivates me.
Sure, it won’t last forever or even longer than a week, but then you find new motivation and that’s not the point of this post. So, moving on.

Make sure you have food.

Two-min noodles!!!

Nothing spoils your first week back than a crabby, hungry you. And these things go together so often. Hunger makes you crabby and crabbiness needs comfort food. Just living through school is something that demands comfort food a lot. So pack yourself A LOT of food. You can’t go wrong. The more food the better right?

Find yourself some new music.

New music, new you, right? When the first, sucky day is over, put that playlist on shuffle and just jam out. Who cares about the neighbours?
This is what I did, literally a couple of days ago. Except I couldn’t should out the lyrics because I was listening to a couple of BTS songs my friend recommended to me. But the dance party was nice. 100% would recommend.
(Leave some of your favourite de-stress songs in the comments!)

Start doing everything as soon as you get it!

And by this, I mean any homework, projects, essays, readings and whatever crazy things teachers think are necessary for our lives. I know it seems like you have endless amounts of time right now, but soon exams will cloud up your vision and studying will take its turn to kill you and oh no, I still have that five-page essay from day 1 to hand in. Just. Just do it now. I’m saving you here! (no I’m not, you all knew this already anyway, but I like to flatter myself! Okay, going to die in a hole)

Try find yourself a quiet spot.

This is the most difficult and yet the most crucial point in this post. Go around your school and look for a space with limited people. For most people, this will sadly be a stall in the bathroom. But sometimes, during the rough school year, you will want some alone time and when everybody just can’t stop annoying you or are just talking too much.
Yes, we all have those days. For me, that’s almost every day because of hormones and just the general idiocy of those around me. (I do love my friends. Mostly. Just kidding.)

Okay, so these are my first-week-back tips, and looking back on this, I have realised that I should’ve planned this out better, or at all. I know these tips are not the best, but I’ve got all the way down to here and I’m not not posting this, so hey.

Please leave your 100% better tips in the comments, I would love to know your survival techniques!

JustMeJuls xx

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