6 Mistakes People Who Aren’t Dancers Make About Dancing (ft. My Annoyance)

Hey there!

I got the idea for this post because of all the recent dancing-related things going on in my life. First of all, binge watching Dance Moms on TV and then also the recent release of our dance jackets (which I haven’t got yet because I’m on holiday and it’s killing me ever so slightly)!

Anyway, I have been dancing for about 13 years and while I am nowhere near quite good, I have a lot of fun and have made so so many good friends. While I’m not a super good dancer, I do consider myself as a pretty serious dancer. I spend five hours a week on it so I think it’s justified when I say I’m comitted.

During this time I have met many, many ignorant non-dancers, so here is my list of the mistakes you should avoid making around a dancer.

  1. Dancing isn’t a hobby. It’s a lifestyle. Just get it into your head that we will start dancing in a supermarket when a song we like is playing. And no, we don’t care whether it’s embarrassing for you. It’s not about you.
  2. Dancing is a sport. Yes it is, don’t argue or you will never see us again. Non-dancers are often mistaken about the required energy and level of fitness dancing has or will give you. As someone famous once said:
    “If dancing was easy they would call it rugby.”
    I think all dancers will agree with me. So you should too.
  3. Dancing is one of the most important things ever. It comes before almost everything else. That may or may not include you. Deal with it. No, seriously, it’s high on the priority list.
  4. Just because we love it does not mean that it doesn’t kill us with anxiety. Because it does. It so does.
  5. Dancing can go either way; you can make life long best friends or enemies. Or both. But one of these is almost always the case.
  6. We know better in matters of stretching. Always. Just don’t argue. 50% of our time is spent doing just that. Trust us!

So that is my limited list of dancing mistakes people often make. If you want the extended version, just ask in the comments! Or maybe you’d like to add something YOU have experienced to this list, then please also leave a comment! I would love to have your input! Bye for now.

JustMeJuls xx

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