Hey there!

Today I am going to tell you something (if anyone is actually reading this).

I am actually growing up. I’m currently in grade 11 and that means that everyone around me is boy obsessed, getting crushes and kissing people and getting boyfriends. And while I have also taken part in this arduous activity, I’ve never kissed anyone and I definitely have never had a boyfriend.

BUT. Last Monday I was actually asked out. MEEEE!!

So…. I am going on a date on Saturday!! My first date!

And I’m actually feeling kind of weird about it, because going on a date is always something I’ve viewed as being in my future and now that time is here. So guess what?!


So yeah, I’ll keep you updated about what develops.

JustMeJuls xx

3 thoughts on “Dating?

  1. Aw omg! How did it go? I personally am staying away from dating in high school due to religion but also, high school boys are jerks. Hope you find someone good though! Also, I see you commented on my guest post announcement and I’m wondering if you have an email?


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