My Favourite YouTubers (ft. my addiction)

Hey there!

I know I have been away for a while and while I really want to make consistent content, school and life really just get in the way. But instead of working on school stuff, I watch a ton of YouTube. The procrastination is real!

So, these are my recent and also not so recent favourites in no particular order (except somewhat alphabetically because that’s how I went through my subscriptions):

Also P.S. I don’t own any of these pictures (just in case, I don’t know).


abookutopia  Sasha is the one who got me into booktube and probably remains my favourite booktuber of all time. Her dogs, Fraser and Fiona are also cuteness embodied and look so so fluffy! She is also the co-author of the Androma Saga!


readbyzoe Zoe makes the funniest videos and has such an amazing personality! She makes the best 24-hour readathon videos and I really hope that she makes another one soon!


athroneofbooks Hannah is 16 years old and also makes lovely videos. She is so motivated and for some reason, every video she makes is something that I want to watch! I just really love her! (Also, she got me into BTS!)


ASMR rooms  This channel is just the best for reading for studying or just pretending to not be in this world and instead living in Hogwarts. Yes, I know, the all-common dream.


Eve Bennett Eve makes a lot of study-related videos and I just love her real uni vlogs from the good to the bad! She motivates me to keep going.


It’s Me Beth My friend just started this channel and it would mean so much if you would go and check her out!


Little Book Owl Catriona (I hope I spelled that right) makes such great weekly reading vlogs. I love them so much and rewatch them a lot because I apparently have no life.


ThatcherJoe If you have no idea who this is, where have you been? Joe is really funny but also gets real about serious topics. His pranks are just amazing so go check him out (but remember he’s not a daily vlogger)


Unjaded Jade Jade is another studytuber who is also so real about the highs and lows of life and exams and talks a lot about heavy topics! I also love her study-wear, but live too far away to get a tee!

So these channels are the ones who get the most of my attention (they get a lot). I know that I should watch less of other peoples lives and live my own instead and it’s a really bad habit to concentrate on someone else instead of oneself. But it’s a habit nonetheless and it gave me an idea for this post…

Tell me, which YouTuber have you been watching a lot lately and who is your all-time favourite?

As always,
JustMeJuls xx

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