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How I Study


My exams have started already for this term and I am really, so not looking forward to them. So instead of actually studying, I decided it was a better idea to share how I would study (if I ever get past procrastination)…

  1. Make sure you know what you need to know. Make a list of all the pages you have to study and have them all by your side the whole time.
  2. Make study notes. These can be in any form: flashcards, bullet points, mind maps etc. Do what you want to do. I recommend making these colourful, as it will help your mind absorb the information. But don’t over-colour it. Don’t make it an exploded rainbow. Make a system, a colour for definitions etc.
  3. Read through these notes. And again. And again. Then you can quiz yourself by covering the page (duh). If you learn by hearing, record yourself reading the notes and listen to it a couple of times.
  4. Get others to quiz you. You could also quiz them.
  5. Blurting. I have no clue if this is an actual thing, but Jade from Unjaded Jade recommends it so often that I tried it and woooooow. It really worked for me. Basically, you write down four or five headings from your notes, put them away, and use these headings to write down every single point from your notes. Then, go over them and correct, see if you left anything out. If you did, try it again until you get it right (if you have this mythical thing they call time). This is blurting and it got me through my music exam on Monday.
  6. Before bed and the exam, read through your notes. Just reading, no active recall of effort required.

This is how I try and get information into my brain. Mostly it works, sometimes I’m just too lazy. A lot of the time, actually.

I hope this helps you (I don’t even know whether I wrote this to help you. More like to document my mental place at this time…). Hopefully, it helps. If you have any suggestions, please leave a comment! We all need all the help we can get to pass.

JustMeJuls xx