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Kingdom of Ash


There is so much fangirling going on right now, I don’t think you can even imagine it. UNLESS you are holding a copy of Kingdom of freaking Ash in your hands!!

Like I am!! I repeat, I have the goods! I am so grateful to my wonderful book-soulmate who got me a copy! You may be thinking, “but Juls, KoA has been out for a week, why is it so amazing that you have bought it?”

Well dear reader, it is a miracle that stores in South Africa have KoA. Usually we wait 2-3 months after a new release to see copies on shelves!

Also, KoA is freaking gorgeous! I mean look at that cover (also it has 982 heartbreaking pages).

But I have it and I’ve given up on my education and I’m fully convinced this book will break me!

Fun times!

So if I never post again it is because KoA has successfully killed me!

So, what book release have you been looking forward to?

JustMeJuls xx

Books I Read in August


I am well aware of the fact that it is almost the end of September and this is very late! But here goes! (also, PS, I’m not sure I’ll do a wrap up for September because I haven’t been reading much because of exams…)

  1. Saphirblau – This is a book I read in German (surprise surprise) and I actually liked it! Usually, books in German bore me and everything feels so flat! Which goes to show how much I loved this book! It’s the sequel to Rubinrot, which I read a couple of months back. I love the idea and the characters and mostly it made me want to scream in frustration! So amazing!
  2. Smaragdgrün – The third book in the trilogy and what a way to end! To be honest, I can’t really separate the storyline between the three books, but I do remember the HUGE reveal in this one! I did not see it coming! I was dead set on it being someone else! Loved it. Oh, and in case you didn’t know, these books are all available in English as well (so go and read them)!
  3. The Darkest Minds – I have heard so much about this series and with the movie coming out I thought it was time to read it. Who knows, maybe I’ll like it?! Boy, was I wrong! I absolutely freaking loved it! I got emotionally attached to it, them, Ruby, Liam. All of them!! I need the next ones!! This is such a cool idea and might even become one of my favourite series! That ending broke me, though… I still don’t know why that was necessary.
  4. Blue Lily Lily Blue – I have no cooking clue what happened in this one… All I know is that I loved it, and the whole series. I have a vague inclination, but the plot from all four books just melts and I can’t tell where one ends and another begins. Also the deaths… why oh why??
  5. Renegades – My new favourite. My friend and I actually picked this one up at the same time without knowing! It was great to read it together! What I loved is that it is told from the “badies” and not the “goodies” point of view. And yes, at some points I did want to throw the book across the room but at the same time I was addicted and could not let go. I recommend reading just before the sequel come out, otherwise, chronic thinking may occur!!!!

That’s all I read in August, as I had school again and it sucks the life out of me. Also, what’s interesting is that I didn’t reread a single book this month. I am usually an avid rereader because I love the nostalgia.

I always think I should dedicate a month just for rereads, but there are so many great books coming out in the next few months and I want to read them! So maybe not…

Anyway, I hope you had a great reading month in August! Please tell me the best book you read in the last month! Looking for recommendations!

JustMeJuls xx

Books I Read In July

Aaaand it’s August. Already. Why.

This month I’m attempting to do the NEWTs reading challenge, even though I did not do my OWLs and I don’t care. It doesn’t really matter. So since I’m attempting this, I thought I might as well share what I read last month.

  1. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets – I read this while on holiday at the coast on the Kindle because this is the Harry Potter book I remember the least. When I first read this series I had the hardest time finding this book at a library. I went to quite a few just to look for this book and it was never there. I think I even somehow ended up watching the movie first because I thought that I had read Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. I think I might have even just skipped to the third book. Oops. Oh well. I definitely needed a recap.
  2. Leah On the Off Beat – I bought this while on holiday because I really wanted to return to Simon’s world. I really loved it a lot, although I think I connected to Simon more than I did to Leah. Still, it is a great novel and I definitely recommend.
  3. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire – Yes, I am reading them out of order. I just read whichever one I remember the least or just feel like rereading. This novel is, as always, great and things get really dark. It’s like the beginning of the end (because something happens [no way]) and the end of the beginning (because it’s not fluffy and happy and Harry getting house points). It’s great! Not that I mind the happiness, because it’s good that we stored a lot up over the first few books!
  4. Throne of Glass – Wow. This happened so long ago. There were so many secrets back here. It was amazing to reread this and see everyone in denial and non-death! The whole series is amazing, I definitely recommend it, and you will be sucked into the love and hate. Simultaneously wanting the various plans to work and not even knowing the whole story is something you have to deal with. This series has so many levels and each book brings many new reveals which shall shock you into oblivion. When reading this first book you will never guess where this story will take you in the future. Seriously, pick it up! By the way, it’s about an assassin. If I didn’t convince you before, that must have.
  5. To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before – I don’t really remember much about this, even though I read this less than a month ago. I feel old. It was a great contemporary novel, I definitely related to the characters. A great read and I think I read it in one sitting!
  6. P.S. I Still Love You – Yes, I went right on to read the next one. Well, I say read, but I listened to these two. In German. Because why not?! This was really good. I loved the game they played, but I wish [this person] got more satisfaction out of winning! To be honest I was rooting for whatshisname. I can’t actually say it because of spoilers. But yes!
  7. Girl Online – This was a reread for me and I liked it as much as before! It is a really nice book and inspires me to blog and photographyness stuff. I can’t write. Love love love Noah.
  8. Girl Online On Tour – Because reading the second book in this series is compulsory. The third one too. But I didn’t, because I didn’t feel like it. I love this book because it’s not just smooth sailing and oh the feels. Also, Elliot is freaking amazing. Yas.
  9. Der Vorleser – A German classic. Why??? The beginning is just why. I found this really boring with no proper plot. But I had to read it for school. Azkaban, I tell you. This sucked my happiness away.
  10. A Thousand Perfect Notes – By the amazing blogger Paper Fury. So emotional. This got me so scared. I read this in one sitting. Really recommend. Please read it. Also, Beck’s name is just so funny. Also, funny how these are getting shorter and shorter as the list goes on…
  11. The Martian – This is one of my all-time favourite books. And I can’t say much about it because of spoilers. But it’s about a man stuck on Mars by himself and he has to survive. Well, he doesn’t have to. But he wants to live so yeah. Mark Watney is just pure awesome. “Fear my botany powers!” and “I’m a space pirate” are bits of his awesome personality so just go. Go and read this. Please. You will thank me.

So these are the books I read in July. 11 is quite a big number. Double digits. Wow. Anyway, I might update you on the books I read in August in a few weeks. Or I might forget about it completely. Who knows. Okay, I’m rambling.

Hopefully, you had a good reading month in July. What was your favourite read last month and what didn’t you enjoy. Also, if you can give me a reason to like Der Vorleser please, please do!

JustMeJuls xx

Social Media and Me

Hello there!

I don’t know what is with me, but I tend to start a whole lot of things and never finish most of them. But I guess that’s how most people are…

Well, recently I have started a bookstagram account (@juliabookaddict) and I really love it. The community is great, and what can be better than scrolling through Instagram looking at pretty books all day long?! Pretty much nothing!

And then a few months ago I started this blog, where my activity is not great… and I really need to work on that. Today I made the great decision to start on Tumblr for some reason (not even I know why). Just ugh.

I really want to start writing more and I have decided to be more active on here and ditch Tumblr for now. Let’s see how that goes. I’m going to try and be more committed instead of jumping here and there. The only problem is that I have no idea what this blog should be for.

I have thought of many possibilities.

  • A Book Blog – As you probably can guess, I love reading and it would be cool to share my thoughts on the books I am currently reading and being a reader in       general.


  • A Study Blog – I don’t like studying, don’t get me wrong. But stationery and pretty study notes make all the hard work ten times better. I also find it really inspirational looking through other people’s study accounts. Being a high school student I have many tips on how to pass and would like to share them.
  • A Personal Blog – Basically any thoughts or tips I have regardless of the topic as well as stories and anything else I deign to write about.

Writing all the options actually helped me decide… I think I want to do a combination. Basically I will post about anything I feel like, be it personal, study, or book related. Although, I’m not sure if I will post much about studying because hopefully I will be doing the actual studying instead of being online, but hey!

I realise, that this whole post has now gone off topic (what even was the topic?) and is completely pointless, because I have now decided what to do and my thought process if probably uninteresting. Anyway, I am posting this random content anyway because I can and who even cares? I don’t. I enjoy the writing and you don’t have to read it if it doesn’t interest you. And now I am rambling.

Good night!

JustMeJuls xxx