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Feeling Left Out


Recently I was invited to a party. And I really wanted to go, because it’s to celebrate the birthday of two of my best friends! But I can’t go.

On that day I already have something else planned. Something I love and know I’ll enjoy. Where I will spend the whole day with some of my other best friends and my very best friend! I’m only sad because everyone is talking about this party and no one at school has the faintest idea of what I will be doing that day, so I can’t talk to anyone about it.

This is one of the problems when your best friend doesn’t go to the same school as you and you have all these things to discuss, but they’re not there!

Have you ever experienced something like this?

JustMeJuls xx

My Life

Hey there!

My life at this moment does not really exist. I study and study and study some more. But, I only have 4 exams left! I’m so close! After I have survived them, I will try to post more.

But currently, all I do is eat, sleep, and study. Because I’m writing LO tomorrow and don’t have to actually study anything for that, or at least I hope so… I spent the whole afternoon in bed, too tired to sleep. I have been so unproductive today, it’s not even funny. Like, sure, I don’t have to do anything for tomorrow, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have work for next week, right? Yeah, well I’m ignoring that now. This has turned into me just complaining about my work, instead of actually doing it.

At some point in the near future, I will post my wrap up for August, but I didn’t read too much, because school hates me!

I’m going to get some sleep, the more the better, right? How is your life doing lately?

JustMeJuls xx


Tiny Update


Yes, I changed the theme of my blog. And I really like it. It is so much prettier than the white I had before. I’m still thinking about the background colour… But I like the new design.

I’m not sure if you are able to comment (if you ever wished to do so) on my posts, because I can’t see a comment section thing. So I’ll have to figure that out. Also, I’m not sure if I want the full posts in an endless scroll setup or if I want to make them small excerpts. We’ll see.

Today our teacher told us what we have to do to pass out Abitur, grade 12 basically. It’s like a fail wherever you turn. So so bad. So my friends and I have decided to move to Canada and live there together. So much fun. If at some point I die in the near future, it’s because my Abitur has killed me. Yay.

JustMeJuls xx

I Did It Again

Well hello.

Today I created a studygram account (@julsstudying). Because I am stupid and obviously not content with everything I already have to do. But I am looking forward to posting on there and I am hoping it will motivate me to work.

There are so many people on Instagram who motivate me to study. My favourite is @emmastudiess because her pictures are so so pretty and I love her story updates. PLUS, her handwriting is such goals.

But yes, I will agree. I am stupid. We all know that now. My time is being consumed by useless and unimportant things. But hey, that’s me.

This is just a weird little update of my life. I don’t really know why I’m writing this.

If you have a bookstagram or studygram, leave your name in the comments and I will check it out!

JustMeJuls xx

Social Media and Me

Hello there!

I don’t know what is with me, but I tend to start a whole lot of things and never finish most of them. But I guess that’s how most people are…

Well, recently I have started a bookstagram account (@juliabookaddict) and I really love it. The community is great, and what can be better than scrolling through Instagram looking at pretty books all day long?! Pretty much nothing!

And then a few months ago I started this blog, where my activity is not great… and I really need to work on that. Today I made the great decision to start on Tumblr for some reason (not even I know why). Just ugh.

I really want to start writing more and I have decided to be more active on here and ditch Tumblr for now. Let’s see how that goes. I’m going to try and be more committed instead of jumping here and there. The only problem is that I have no idea what this blog should be for.

I have thought of many possibilities.

  • A Book Blog – As you probably can guess, I love reading and it would be cool to share my thoughts on the books I am currently reading and being a reader in       general.


  • A Study Blog – I don’t like studying, don’t get me wrong. But stationery and pretty study notes make all the hard work ten times better. I also find it really inspirational looking through other people’s study accounts. Being a high school student I have many tips on how to pass and would like to share them.
  • A Personal Blog – Basically any thoughts or tips I have regardless of the topic as well as stories and anything else I deign to write about.

Writing all the options actually helped me decide… I think I want to do a combination. Basically I will post about anything I feel like, be it personal, study, or book related. Although, I’m not sure if I will post much about studying because hopefully I will be doing the actual studying instead of being online, but hey!

I realise, that this whole post has now gone off topic (what even was the topic?) and is completely pointless, because I have now decided what to do and my thought process if probably uninteresting. Anyway, I am posting this random content anyway because I can and who even cares? I don’t. I enjoy the writing and you don’t have to read it if it doesn’t interest you. And now I am rambling.

Good night!

JustMeJuls xxx