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Made My Day: Teachers Calling

Nahume and I were told today that one of the criteria for the presentation we finished on Friday is no longer valid. So we wrote our teacher a message about that, and almost immediately after he had written back to us he phoned Nahume out of the blue to discuss our project. What he didn’t know was that I was also video calling her, so I got to listen to their whole conversation (to be fair it was about a project I am part of) but it was the most hilarious thing.

JustMeJuls xx

When Is It Real?

You were that guy I walked past on the street. You were that guy who showed me how to do the dance step. You were that guy I saw for 1.3 seconds before you drove off.

I seem to be obsessed with looking for attractive guys around me, just like my friends. But how do I know when you, “that guy”, are my guy? When we’re sitting next to each other, how do I know that I have feelings for you?

With the constant searching and the stories my friends tell, how do I know that I’m not just making things up, that I not just imaging things?

I tell myself, “I think about you a lot, so my feeling are real.” But am I just subconsciously forcing myself to do so? Am I held captive by my own emotions?

I am confused. I am only feeling this way because I am telling myself that I should. I watch the movies you recommend and force you to watch my favourites as well. But not just the movies are fictional. It’s a vivid fantasy world in my head too. But how do I know when it’s real?

How do I know if I like you?


Blogmas Day 1

Christmas Gift Ideas For Her

Hey there! 
I realise that it is actually day 6 of December and I’m just starting Blogmas, but better late than never! But, I didn’t know that Blogmas even existed?! I know about vlogmas and it’s a really cool idea, so I thought I’d try it on my Blog. 
Also, just in case you need a vlogmas recommendation, go and watch ThatcherJoe’s videos! I love them so much!

Anyway, here is what I at least would love to receive for Christmas!

  1. Candles. Candles are amazing things that come in infinite colours and fragrances and even some that make an extra crackling sound. You have so many options, you’re sure to find something for everyone! Also, small tip, the citrus, and ocean scented ones are the best.
  2. Jewelry. Now, this is not for everybody. But, you get very different kinds of jewelry. Of course, silver/gold, small and elegant is always a nice idea and can be worn pretty much everywhere. Then you get the big and colourful jewelry with big beads and so much more!  Leather jewelry is also a thing. (I feel like I’m trying to sell you stuff… whoops)
  3. Typo. So Typo is not a thing you can buy (which you should know), but they sell the best stuff. They have many different designs of these:
    1. Phone cases. Always a good decision.
    2. Notebooks are always great and practical. Plus, Typo has so so many amazing designs that seem to change every time I go to look. You can hardly drag me away from the tables. 
    3. If your person has ever read Harry Potter, some sort of merch is ALWAYS a good idea. Whatever it is, go for it.
    4. Mugs. Again, the whole style/colour/design thing applies here again. But you can never have enough and that’s a fact.
    5. Cute pillows. What more can I say?
  4. Books. Books. And more books. 
  5. This is an open one; think of what they like best and find some sort of object that has to do with that thing. Go crazy. Search the internet. (Etsy shops are also great to browse.)

So this is my list of things I, and probably some other people, would very much like as gifts. I hope this is helpful and also that I may be able to keep up with Blogmas. But, I’m going away tomorrow, so it probably won’t happen. But one can hope right?

JustMeJuls xx

Kingdom of Ash


There is so much fangirling going on right now, I don’t think you can even imagine it. UNLESS you are holding a copy of Kingdom of freaking Ash in your hands!!

Like I am!! I repeat, I have the goods! I am so grateful to my wonderful book-soulmate who got me a copy! You may be thinking, “but Juls, KoA has been out for a week, why is it so amazing that you have bought it?”

Well dear reader, it is a miracle that stores in South Africa have KoA. Usually we wait 2-3 months after a new release to see copies on shelves!

Also, KoA is freaking gorgeous! I mean look at that cover (also it has 982 heartbreaking pages).

But I have it and I’ve given up on my education and I’m fully convinced this book will break me!

Fun times!

So if I never post again it is because KoA has successfully killed me!

So, what book release have you been looking forward to?

JustMeJuls xx